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Amplifying advantages and accelerating the development of new quality productivity

new quality productivity

On May 16, Han Liming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, carried out a series of surveys on “Amplifying Advantages and Accelerating the Development of New Quality Productivity” in Jianye District and Gulou District. She stressed that Jianye and Gulou are important high-end factor agglomeration areas in the city, and it is necessary to focus on the integration and empowerment of various elements such as science and technology, finance, talents, and information, and insist on seeking breakthroughs in “new” and working “quality”, and constantly cultivate and develop new quality productivity.

Jianye District adheres to the leading industry direction of “finance + digital economy”, and makes efforts in financial technology, data elements, low-altitude economy, cross-border e-commerce and other tracks, and accelerates the construction of an important financial center core area.

Jiangsu United Credit Information Co., Ltd. is the construction and operation unit of the province’s two major financial infrastructures, and is exploring model innovation to promote data elements to better serve the real economy;

China Telecom Unmanned Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. focuses on product and service innovation in the field of low-altitude economy, and is participating in the construction of Nanjing low-altitude economic unmanned science and technology island;

The East China headquarters of Xiaomi Group has been put into operation this month, covering mobile phone software, Internet software, etc., and will become a software R&D center and talent base of Xiaomi Group in the future.

Han Liming visited and inspected one by one to learn more about the expansion of enterprises in new technologies, new industries and new models. She said that all kinds of headquarters-type and platform-based enterprises are important carriers for the cultivation and development of new quality productivity, and Jianye District has good basic conditions in related fields, so it is necessary to further focus on cohesion, strengthen enterprise services and ecological building, and continue to improve the matching and support of high-end elements such as finance for modern industries, and constantly generate new kinetic energy.

Gulou District pays attention to making good use of the resources of universities and institutes in the district, deepens the docking and cooperation mechanism, and continues to empower the construction of a modern industrial system.

Nanzhi Carbon Neutrality Research Institute is an integrated institution of industry, education and research jointly established by the district and Nanjing University, which is committed to technology research and development and project incubation in the field of “dual carbon”.

Luculent Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-level “cross-industry and cross-domain industrial Internet platform” enterprise, which has been deeply engaged in the localization of asset-heavy process industrial software for many years, and focuses on serving enterprises in “intelligent transformation and digital transformation to network connection”.

Tongdahai Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive solution provider of informatization in the judicial industry, and is exploring the deep integration of artificial intelligence and judicial practice.

Han Liming had an in-depth understanding of the collaborative innovation of government, industry, academia and research, emphasizing that the essence of new quality productivity is innovation-driven, and the key is to realize the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation. Gulou District is rich in government, industry, academia and research resources, and it is necessary to make good use of resources, amplify advantages, vigorously promote school-local integration, school-enterprise cooperation, and government-enterprise collaboration, and create a good innovation ecology.

During the investigation, Han Liming emphasized that Jianye and Gulou have distinctive endowment characteristics, high degree of regional modernization and internationalization, and should focus on the gathering of high-end elements and the development of high-energy industries, vigorously attract regional and functional headquarters, industry leaders, and technology-based chain master enterprises, continue to cultivate high-growth enterprises such as specialized, special and new, strengthen the stock, expand the increment, activate variables, and continuously improve the function of scientific and technological innovation and the level of industrial development.

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