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Amplifying Advantages and Accelerating the Development of New Quality Productivit in Qixia District

New Quality Productivit

On May 9, Han Liming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, conducted a survey in Qixia District around the theme of “amplifying advantages and accelerating the development of new quality productivity”. She emphasized that Qixia District should firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development, closely focus on the key support of new quality productivity, adhere to in-depth collaboration, amplify advantages, and make breakthroughs to “new”, continuously cultivate new momentum for high-quality development, and continue to cultivate new advantages in the development of advanced manufacturing industry.

Since the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued the relevant opinions on optimizing the management mechanism of Qixia District and promoting the coordinated development of the region last year, the Qixia sector has steadily promoted the integration of administrative regions, economic development zones and university towns, and integrated resources, and has concentrated on cultivating technology-based enterprises and expanding emerging industries.
Tapsen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, committed to providing precision measurement and testing equipment, intelligent production lines and equipment and other automation solutions.

Gaohua Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of high-reliability sensors and network systems, and realizes localization in the fields of rail transit, construction machinery, metallurgy and other fields.

Han Liming has a detailed understanding of the development of the enterprise, and encourages the enterprise to practice “unique skills” in the subdivided field, so as to focus on casting expertise and win the market with innovation.
She said that “specialized, special and new” enterprises are the vanguard of the development of new quality productivity, and Qixia District should give better play to the advantages of science and education resources and industry, make long-term plans in the subdivision track, and cultivate more “seed” enterprises and “little giant” enterprises that lead industrial innovation and upgrading.

Low-altitude economy is an important direction for Nanjing to cultivate and develop new quality productivity, and Qixia District is relying on key enterprises such as China Electronics Technology 28 to build a low-altitude economic innovation enterprise cluster.

In the Xianlin New Research Area of the 28 Institute of China Electronics Technology, Han Liming has a detailed understanding of the company’s layout in the fields of low-altitude manufacturing, low-altitude support, low-altitude safety and intelligent air traffic control.
She said that the low-altitude economy has the characteristics of innovation-led, green and low-carbon, and the integration of data and reality, and is a typical representative of new quality productivity. Based on its own resource endowment and basic conditions, it is necessary to accelerate technological innovation and application traction, actively cultivate “chain master” enterprises, and realize dislocation competition and characteristic development.

During the investigation, Han Liming listened to the report on the steady growth and regional coordinated development of Qixia District in the second quarter.
She pointed out that since the three districts of Qixia have promoted coordinated development, important progress has been made in planning, industry, resources, and institutional mechanism coordination, and the next step is to do a good job in in-depth collaboration, amplify the advantages of universities, parks, carriers and port-industry-city integration, further optimize the spatial layout, optimize the industrial structure, and strive to build a new production relationship that is compatible with the development of new quality productivity, enhance the vitality of power, and strive to be at the forefront of the city in opening up new fields and laying out new tracks, so as to form a new competitive advantage in Qixia District.

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