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Activate the value of data assets, and there are new actions for central enterprises in Gulou to attract investment!

value of data assets

On May 23, the “Data Assets Help New Quality Productivity” Exchange Conference and Nanjing Gulou District Digital Economy Industry (Beijing) Investment Promotion Conference were successfully held. The purpose of this event is to share the practical exploration, latest achievements and future development path of Gulou to activate the value of data assets, and to build an exchange and cooperation platform between Gulou District and universities, institutions and central enterprises in Beijing. Representatives from the Business School of Chinese Renmin University, the Institute of Intelligent Rule of Law of Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences and other universities and institutes, representatives of central state-owned enterprises, listed companies, industry leading enterprises such as PetroChina, China Nonferrous Metals Holdings, and Aerospace Investment Holdings, as well as heads of relevant departments, sectors and streets in Gulou District, gathered together to discuss the cooperation of the digital economy and start the development journey together.

At the meeting, Yu Jian, member of the Standing Committee of the Gulou District Party Committee and deputy head of the district government, introduced the regional investment environment and the development opportunities of the digital economy industry. Gulou is the functional core area of the capital of Jiangsu Province, the location of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, the National People’s Congress, the CPPCC and 90% of the provincial organs, and the area with the largest number of central enterprises in Jiangsu Province. With less than 1% of the city’s land area, Gulou District contributes nearly 12% of the total economic output, and the economic contribution of central enterprises accounts for more than 50% of the district. As the first good district in Jiangsu and the first area of Jiangsu central enterprise attraction service, Gulou has unlimited development potential and opportunities for the digital economy industry, and is an excellent fertile ground for central enterprises to lay out the digital sector.

Since last year, Gulou District has incorporated the digital economy into the regional “1+2+3” modern industrial system and focused on building it. In 2023, there will be 238 enterprises in the core industries of the digital economy in the region, with a revenue of 72.48 billion yuan, accounting for nearly a quarter of Nanjing’s total, and a revenue growth rate of 27.9%, ranking first.

Gulou District continues to build an excellent ecology and strong atmosphere of the digital economy, building the first “intelligent transformation, digital transformation and networking” solution provider cluster in Jiangsu and the China (Nanjing) industrial digitalization headquarters base, gathering high-quality enterprises such as China Resources Digital East China Headquarters and National R&D Center, Jiangsu Company of Saisheng Information Technology Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Edge Intelligence, Guorui Antaixin, and Toby.com. In August last year, the China Association of Small and Medium-sized Commercial Enterprises set up its Jiangsu office in Gulou and jointly held the 2023 China Specialized and Special New Enterprise Investment Summit. Gulou, together with the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Communications Management Bureau, jointly established a national 5G application innovation leading area to promote Nanjing’s creation of a “city of sails” for 5G applications. The “Luculent Suchang Industrial Internet” developed by Luculent has become the first national-level “double-cross” platform in Nanjing, and four enterprises, including Zhongchu Zhiyun and Changjianghui, have been selected into the list of China’s top 100 industrial digitalization.

In addition, experts from the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences and the Institute of Intelligent Rule of Law of Tsinghua University made keynote speeches on “Theoretical Discussion and Practical Path of Data Element Capitalization” and “Data Property Rights Rule of Law Helps New Quality Productivity”. In the case sharing session, Nanjing Gulou Hi-Tech Group and Lianchuang Digital Technology, as representatives of enterprises, respectively introduced the path exploration of state-owned enterprise groups in public data operation and government and enterprise data assetization, and the analysis of the industrialization development of urban and enterprise data assets under the dividends of the data asset era.

In the next step, Gulou District will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with universities, institutions and central enterprises in Beijing, work together to build a new ecology of the digital economy industry, share new opportunities, seek new development and win a new future.

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