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A record of developing a benchmark enterprise

Tens of billions

Robot shipments rank highest

The No.1 Domestic Brand
After 30 years of development, Nanjing Eston has built core competitiveness in automation core components, industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing, becoming the first Chinese company with robot intelligent manufacturing as its main business, with business covering Europe, Southeast Asia and the Americas. Smart manufacturing brand. ▲

In the Eston Industrial Robot Intelligent Demonstration Factory

In the huge production workshop

No workers in sight

Robot assembly robot

Realize unmanned assembly

After receiving the instructions from the production order, the information system automatically pushes the materials to the front desk in order. After the materials are placed on the AGV (automatic guided vehicle), they are transported to each workstation by the AGV, assembled to the required position by the robot, and then tightened Robots perform tightening.

According to statistics from third-party industry authoritative organizations, in 2023, Eston robot shipments ranked first among domestic brands in the Chinese market, with sales reaching 25,000 units . In terms of quality, technology, and solution capabilities, it has been recognized and trusted by outstanding brands such as CATL, BYD, and Sany Heavy Industry, leading domestic robot brands to a new level. In the future, Estun will continue to increase investment in research and development and build the core competitiveness of the entire industry chain of “robot core components + ontology + solutions”. In 2024, the super-heavy-duty robot and intelligent robot product line will be developed and launched to fully embrace AI and welcome the advent of the intelligent era.

The production workshop of Estun Automation Co., Ltd. Correspondent Wang Qiang Photo by Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain News reporter Feng Peng


ZTE Server

and storage product R&D and production center

As the world’s leading provider of comprehensive communications solutions, ZTE has been deeply involved in Nanjing for many years. The Nanjing R&D Center located in Software Valley has become ZTE’s largest R&D base in the world. It is reported that the Nanjing R&D Center was established in 1993 and has more than 15,000 employees, more than 70% of whom are graduate students and doctoral students. It will achieve software revenue of 8.802 billion in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 8.63%. Nanjing Binjiang 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base was officially put into operation in March 2020, and will achieve an output value of 55.123 billion in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 10.88%. 

ZTE Binjiang Global 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base. Photo by Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain News reporter Feng Peng

Can be produced in 1 minute

Smart factory with 5 5G base stations

Factory “Make 5G with 5G”

In May 2021, ZTE Server and Storage Product R&D and Production Center Project officially settled in Nanjing Binjiang 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base, and ZTE Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established, mainly engaged in servers, disk arrays, distributed storage, backup all-in-one machine products and related Software production and development. In 2023, the output value of ZTE Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will exceed 10 billion yuan for the first time.

ZTE’s Nanjing R&D center is located in Software Valley. In 2024, ZTE will give full play to its leading role as a tens-billion-level enterprise, adhere to the innovation drive, focus on “connection”, expand “computing power”, and actively promote the implementation of the hyperbolic strategy. By creating a full range of computing power bases and AI platforms, we will form a digital industry cluster for industries, industries and ecology, radiating and driving the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Nanjing and surrounding areas.

Polestar Technology:

Accelerate the construction of China headquarters

January 3 this year

Xingji Meizu Group and Jiangning Development Zone

Formally signed a contract to build the China headquarters project of Polestar Technology, which integrates R&D center, operation center, procurement center, sales center and delivery center. This is an important exploration to actively leverage their respective advantages and jointly make greater contributions to the development of intelligent connected vehicles and new energy vehicle industries.

Manyun Technology:

Develop new productivity of freight platform

Manyun Technology (Yunmanman) is China’s leading digital freight company. It connects truck drivers and cargo owners with dual-end users, introduces big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technologies into the logistics industry, and integrates contract flows through business model innovation and technological innovation. , cargo flow, data flow, capital flow, and bill flow, to create a one-stop full-chain comprehensive logistics service platform with all elements of “people, vehicles, goods, roads, and warehouses”.

Shortlisted for good luck in 2023

Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises

Ranked 214th

Annual revenue of entities in Ningbo is 5.5 billion yuan

Tax revenue of 460 million yuan

In the next step, the digital freight platform will be further developed to promote the accelerated formation of new productive forces. Taking the new digital freight industry as a model, we will integrate and form a high-quality social transportation capacity organization and a one-stop logistics supply and demand matching service platform to promote the digitalization, intelligence, and greening of road freight and create new productivity in the logistics industry.

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