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67,500 people returned to Nanjing


Since 2021, more than 7,200 overseas students in the Nanjing have chosen to return to China for development after completing their studies every year, and the total number of overseas students in the city has grown from more than 9,000 that year to 67,500 at present, an increase of nearly 7 times, ranking first in the province. A large number of overseas high-level talents have become acquainted with Nanjing, and a number of high-quality projects have settled in Nanjing and made great progress, contributing to Nanjing’s economic and social construction and development.

More than 3 years ago, Chen Nan, a postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller University in the United States, came to Nanjing with technologies in chemical proteomics and small molecule drug research and development, and founded Nanjing Colossus Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Today, the company has established good cooperative relations with a number of drug R&D companies located in the Biomedical Valley of Jiangbei New Area, such as PharmaBlock Technology, Yaojie Ankang, Yingshi Biopharma, Ori Pharmaceutical, and Si Gong New Drug.

“In the field of new drug research and development, it is difficult for companies to go it alone, and they need to work together.” Chen Nan said that Coros Biotech is one of the first enterprises in China to engage in the industrial development and application of chemical proteomics technology. Due to the strong professionalism and interdisciplinarity, “choosing a good tree and perching” is very important to the development of the enterprise, “choosing to settle in the biomedical valley of Jiangbei New Area is to take a fancy to the complete industrial chain here, and you can find partners in all links out of the ‘door’, and the company starts quickly.” Chen Nan said that although it is difficult to start a business, Nanjing’s market conditions, policy support, and entrepreneurial environment give him the confidence and confidence to stick to it.

If the environment is good, talents will gather and the cause will be prosperous


Nanjing has witnessed the growth of more and more entrepreneurs

It has also become more and more people who have returned from studying abroad

The best place for innovation and entrepreneurship

Wang Xuebin, a professor at the School of Modern Engineering and Applied Science of Nanjing University, also has a deep understanding of Nanjing’s good environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, and believes that it is a very wise decision to choose to return to China 10 years ago. “I like to engage in scientific research, and compared with the international and domestic environment, it is better to be here.” In 2014, as soon as his postdoctoral research at the National Institute of Materials Research in Japan was completed, he returned to China and joined Nanjing University, focusing on the structural design and synthetic chemistry of sp2 hybrid boron carbon and nitrogen system foams, breaking through the difficulties in the preparation of “advanced inorganic foam materials”, and effectively improving the power and specific energy of energy storage electrodes and the thermal conductivity of composite materials.
Over the years, among the many returnees who have chosen Nanjing for entrepreneurship and development, a considerable number of them have been connected to Nanjing by the Nanjing International Exchange and Cooperation Conference for Chinese Overseas Students (hereinafter referred to as the Nanjing Overseas Trade Fair). Since 2008, the Nanjing International Student Fair has been successfully held for 15 sessions, becoming one of the regional international talent exchange platforms with the longest continuous holding time, the largest number of overseas talents, and the most extensive radiation to surrounding cities in China.

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