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50 billion leverages trillions, Nanjing makes a new track!

50 billion leverages trillions

With industrial software as the core key engine, we will leverage the construction of a trillion-level software city.

The “Nanjing Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Industrial Software” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Opinions”) was recently promulgated, which once again strengthened the development of industrial software in a policy-led way, and strived to build industrial software into a new track with Nanjing’s advantages, proposing that by 2028, strive to achieve leapfrog growth in industrial software, and the scale of industrial software revenue will exceed 50 billion yuan.

Why does Nanjing aim at industrial software and continue to make efforts? According to its own “family background”, how will Nanjing draw a “road map” to accelerate the development of industrial software?

Why is it?

Industrially manufactured brains and nerves

The proportion is not large, but the weight is not small

Nanjing’s software and information service industry cluster was selected as the first batch of national advanced manufacturing clusters, which will be the first industrial cluster in Nanjing to break through the trillion-level scale in the future. In 2023, Nanjing’s software business revenue will reach 800 billion yuan, of which the revenue scale of industrial software products will reach 23.2 billion yuan.

By the numbers

In the software industry

Industrial software does not account for a large proportion

Why did Nanjing want to introduce it

This special “Implementation Opinions”?

“Industrial software is the brain and nerve of industrial manufacturing, although it does not account for a large proportion, but it is not small.” The relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said in one sentence.

 Tianchun Software covers the whole chain of software products in the industrial product development process.

Nanjing Tianhuan Software Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the field of CAE (computer-aided engineering) in China, which is the first in China to integrate AI (artificial intelligence) technology with CAE technology, providing designers in the industrial field with “one-stop” tool software covering design, analysis, optimization and other links, and its products cover the whole chain of industrial product research and development process.

Good industrial software is used, and high-end industrial software is bred in high-end industry. The environmental wind tunnel digital platform developed by Nanjing Tianhuan Software for an automobile company realizes the automation process of multiple simulation scenarios such as vehicle thermal balance/thermal damage, window defrosting/defogging, and cabin comfort by integrating core technologies such as Tianchun simulation and optimization, and can trace the version of the data in each link of the simulation process, which improves the R&D efficiency of the automobile company. At present, Nanjing Tianhuan Software’s customers cover various industries such as energy and power, marine affairs, vehicle transportation, aerospace, new energy vehicles, power batteries, consumer electronics, petroleum and petrochemicals.

Starting from 2022, the China Industrial Software Development Conference will be held in Nanjing for three consecutive years. In response to the question of why this national-level event settled in Nanjing, Dai Jishang, deputy director of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said that industrial software is an important foundation and core support for intelligent manufacturing, and a key part of the “intelligent transformation and digital transformation” of the manufacturing industry.

According to the “2023 Research Report on the Development of China’s Industrial Software Industry” released at the 2023 China (Nanjing) International Software Products and Information Services Trade Expo, there are great opportunities for the development of China’s industrial software industry.

Seize the opportunity and stand at the forefront of the tide. As an advantageous industry that has risen in Nanjing, industrial software is one of the key grasps on how to continue to climb up and leverage the “trillion” goal.

What about the “family background”?

Famous enterprises gather, covering all fields

Set off a wave of accelerated industrial development

Turning over the recently released 2024 Nanjing “Ninggong Product Push” key industrial chain supply and demand docking series activity plan, the Nanjing Industrial Software Innovation Ecology Conference will be held in June.

It is essential to accelerate the development of industrial software and create an innovation ecosystem. Nanjing Weituo Technology Co., Ltd. is deeply engaged in the innovation and research and development of industrial software, has industry-leading closed-loop digital products throughout the life cycle, and has developed core industrial software represented by the PDPTRIZ innovative R&D platform, which deeply empowers the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

According to the relevant person in charge of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Nanjing industrial software enterprises cover a complete range of fields, and have representative enterprises in the fields of R&D and design, production control, operation and management, operation and maintenance, etc., focusing on the “one valley and two parks” national software parks such as China (Nanjing) Software Valley, Jiangbei New Area Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park, and Jiangning District Jiangsu Software Park.

Star enterprises gather to consolidate the foundation for the development of industrial software. At present, Nanjing has 138 enterprises in the cultivation library of key industrial software enterprises, with a wide range of service industries, and are widely used in electric power, electronic information, steel and other fields, and some subdivisions are at the leading level in China.


Determine six goals and eight tasks

Strive to achieve leapfrog development

  • The “Nanjing Action Plan for Promoting a Strong Industrial City (2023-2025)” clearly states that “accelerate the development of high-end industrial software”;
  • The Action Plan for Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry in Nanjing (2024-2026) proposes “leapfrog development of industrial software……

The promulgation of the “Implementation Opinions”.

Not only drew a “road map” in detail

Clarification of “construction drawings”

Six overarching goals

01The scale of the industry

By 2028, the scale of industrial software revenue will exceed 50 billion yuan;

02 Areas of focus

Focus on the development of computer-aided design, new industrial operating systems, electronic design automation software (EDA), computer-aided engineering, industrial control software and other industrial software categories;

03Ability to innovate

In the six key industries of steel, petrochemical, electronics, equipment, energy and aviation, more than 100 key technology research projects of independent industrial software have been implemented;

04 Cultivation of famous enterprises

It has built more than 5 well-known industrial software enterprises in China and more than 100 industrial software enterprises with more than 100 million yuan;

05 Application demonstration

By 2028, we will achieve full coverage of independent industrial software applications for manufacturing enterprises above designated size, and build industrial software product systems and solutions for the six major industries of steel, petrochemical, electronics, equipment, energy, and aviation;

06 Collaborative Ecology

Form an independent industrial software ecological closed loop of “demand traction, collaborative research, adaptation verification, and promotion and application”, and build an open source ecology of industrial software.

Eight key tasks

Build a key industrial software product system

Build a major platform for industrial software

Strengthen the core technology research of industrial software

Cultivate the echelon of famous industrial software enterprises

Promote application demonstration in key areas

Enhance the support of industrial software talents

Optimize the industrial software development ecosystem

Develop a new track of industrial software technology

Nanjing has taken out real money, adhered to the principles of innovation-driven, key breakthroughs, application traction, and ecological optimization, adopted unconventional and systematic support policies, and strived to achieve leapfrog growth in industrial software.

❖ For the core industrial software research projects implemented at the municipal level, the total investment in R&D shall not exceed 15% and the maximum amount of 10 million yuan will be supported;

❖ Support well-known domestic and foreign industrial software enterprises to set up regional headquarters and R&D centers in Nanjing, and give up to 100 million yuan of settlement incentives to various headquarters institutions that have been identified;

❖ Encourage software enterprises to cooperate with universities in Nanjing to establish targeted training, customized classes, order classes and other characteristic talent training models, and give 50% of the actual investment of enterprises and up to 2 million yuan to eligible cooperation projects in stages to subsidize ……

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