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350 billion! Nanjing “calculates” like this


Good news has recently spread about the development of Nanjing’s computing power industry: The second phase of the Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center (hereinafter referred to as the Kirin Intelligent Computing Center) located in Nanjing Kirin Science and Technology Park has been basically completed, with a computing power of 18 billion times per second (1800 Pops in octal system) ), becoming the largest and most powerful nationally produced intelligent computing center in operation in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Coordinate and optimize the city’s computing infrastructure and industrial layout to support the high-quality development of Nanjing’s digital economy. The recently released “Nanjing Action Plan to Promote the Development of Computing Power Industry” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”) proposes that by 2025, the scale of the computing power industry will exceed 350 billion yuan.

How is the progress of Nanjing’s computing power construction?

How to accelerate the application empowerment of computing power?

In the future, how will we promote the development of the computing industry?

Lay a solid foundation

What is the concept of 18 billion petaflops of computing power per second? The relevant person in charge of the Kirin Intelligent Computing Center gave an example. Assuming that 1.4 billion people in China perform a calculation of 1+1=2 every second, then 18 billion times would require 1.4 billion people to calculate without sleep for 40 years.

It is reported that the center will be officially put into operation in July 2021 and will be constructed in three phases. The first phase can provide 80 billion calculations per second (800 Pops in octal). Now that the second phase is completed, the total computing power has doubled compared with the first phase. .

Computing infrastructure is the main carrier through which computing power provides services to society. At present, the city has 4 intelligent computing centers online, with intelligent computing power exceeding 2000P FLOPS (FP16). In 2023, Kirin Intelligent Computing Center was selected into the first batch of “National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Power Open Innovation Platform” in the country.

It is understood that the first phase of Nanjing Kunpeng Shengteng Artificial Intelligence Computing Center has a total investment of 290 million yuan to build 40P (4 petaflops of floating point operations per second) computing power. It is the first in East China to adopt full-stack independent computing of software and hardware. An artificial intelligence computing center that controls technical routes.

The “Action Plan” proposes to promote the upgrade of computing power facilities. By 2025, the total scale of the city’s data centers will reach 250,000 standard racks, the total computing power will exceed 8.5E FLOPS (FP32), and the intelligent computing power will exceed 6000P FLOPS (FP16).

At the same time, we will build a 3ms low-latency circle for computing power facilities in key cities in the Nanjing metropolitan area and the Yangtze River Delta, and the latency of computing power facilities in Nanjing will not be higher than 1ms. The total storage capacity exceeds 60EB, and advanced storage capacity accounts for more than 40%.

Build a solid computing infrastructure

Promote improvement of service capabilities

“Action Plan” proposed

Coordinate and optimize the layout of computing power infrastructure

Optimize and improve data center

Accelerate the upgrade and improvement of ultra-large data centers, promote the green transformation, migration and integration of “small, scattered and old” data centers, and accelerate the deployment and application of advanced storage technology. Accelerate the deployment of intelligent computing resources

Promote existing intelligent computing centers to improve their intelligent, intensive, and green operation and maintenance levels, and accelerate the construction of intelligent computing center projects for basic telecommunications operators and key enterprises. Optimize and improve network transportation system

Promote the expansion and upgrading of Nanjing’s national Internet backbone direct connection points, support Jiangbei New District in exploring the construction of international data dedicated channels, accelerate the deployment of 400G/800G high-speed optical transmission networks among computing infrastructure, and guide basic telecom operators to deploy optical transmission equipment to the user side . Build an ecosystem

The competition for new productivity is largely a competition for a new generation of artificial intelligence. It is not only reflected in the competition of computing power algorithms, but also in the competition that empowers technological innovation and promotes industrial transformation and upgrading.

It is understood that Nanjing supports the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone to jointly build the Nanjing New Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Institute as a public technical service platform for the artificial intelligence industry in Jiangsu Province to build artificial intelligence chip simulation and testing, autonomous driving simulation evaluation, and safety assurance and other artificial intelligence test and evaluation environments and platforms. At present, Kirin Intelligent Computing Center relies on technology leaders in the artificial intelligence industry and is driven by application needs to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy, provide inclusive artificial intelligence computing power, and better serve my country’s artificial intelligence innovation and economic and social development.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Nanjing has implemented the “artificial intelligence +” action plan, created characteristics around the pilot zone’s “artificial intelligence empowering the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries”, and piloted and explored new models. A number of demonstration scenarios and cases have been continuously explored and released around the electric power, petrochemical, steel, automobile and other industries as well as manufacturing, energy, cultural tourism, health and other fields. From 2021 to 2023, a total of 115 products and solutions in the city were selected as “Jiangsu Province’s Excellent Artificial Intelligence Application Solutions and Integrated Innovation Products”.

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