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1 billion 4 projects, settled in Niushu Mountain

1 billion 4 projects

Niushoushan Cultural Tourism Zone and

Tak Kei Group Limited

Investment and cooperation agreements were signed yesterday

Funded by the Toki GroupOne billion dollars.

Construction of an integrated cultural and tourism support project in Niushou Mountain

Organic Integration of Cultural Arts and Cultural Tourism Space

Will strongly enhance the visitor experience

The signed projects include four cultural comprehensive supporting projects, including Bodhi Road, Museum, Art Museum and Hongjue Academy.

included among theseBodhidharma ProjectThe most advanced international digital technology will be used to allow tourists to experience the excellent traditional Chinese culture in a new scene of all-round immersive interactive experience, and to enrich the tourists’ experience with comprehensive iterative and innovative tourism products;

museumsCreativity will be combined with cutting-edge digital technology, comprehensively utilizing virtual reality, sound, light, electricity, film and other technological techniques to create a digital immersion, multi-dimensional exploration and interactive space that integrates culture, history and aesthetics;

art galleryThe immersive “five senses” experience will be used to create a cultural venue with the functions of collection, research, aesthetic education, exhibition and display, communication and exchange;

Hongjue AcademyIt will integrate oriental aesthetics and innovative digital technology, supplemented by artwork display, academic lectures, cultural exchanges and other activities to create a cultural display and experience space.

It is understood that the Niushoushan Cultural Tourism Zone is a new benchmark for cultural tourism in Jiangsu, Deji Group also plows into the field of culture and art for many years, the two sides join hands, through the government-enterprise cooperation, market operation, to promote the integration of culture and tourism industry into a new stage of development, to explore the healthy development of the culture and tourism industry a new path to create a new industry, new scenes will bring visitors a more unique shock of the cultural experience. With the signing of this contract as a new starting point, the park will further amplify the superposition effect of Niushoushan, Jinling Small City and Hilton Hotel, and strive to build a tourist destination that is “a must-visit destination in Nanjing, preferred by the Yangtze River Delta, and famous domestically”, so as to enhance the top position of Nanjing’s culture and tourism and to enrich the brand of Jiangsu’s culture and tourism and to make a new contribution.

Niushou Mountain, also known as Tianque Mountain

It’s one of the four most famous places in Jinling

Known as the “Spring Cow Head”.

In recent years, Niushoushan Cultural Tourism Zone based on resource endowment, rich product supply, initially explored a cultural and tourism integration of high-quality development road.2023 since the scenic area to seize the opportunity of cultural and tourism recovery, the annual tourists received more than 7 million, to achieve the Yangtze River Delta region scenic area order volume ranked third, the increase in the first ranked the bright results; jitterbug exposure amounted to 688 million times, to become the “Top Ten Destination Scenic Spots of the Year”. In addition, Niushoushan has also been selected as “2023 Jiangsu Province Wisdom Literature and Tourism Demonstration Project”, “2023 Jiangsu Province Digital RMB Literature and Tourism Application Clustering Area”, “2023 Jiangsu Literature and Tourism Consumption Hot List “etc.

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